Update on COVID-19 virus

Herewith e-Traction would like to give an update regarding the precautions and measures we have taken in response to the global outbreak of the corona virus (COVID-19), to inhibit dissemination and ensure business continuity.

First, the health and safety of our own employees and our relations remain our top priority! e-Traction has ensured in accordance with RIVM guidelines that employees can work from home; the accessibility and availability of our employees is unchanged.

We are available by telephone, you can reach us anytime by e-mail and you can use the email addresses below:

  • For Sales:                                                                                         Sales@e-Traction.com
  • For Purchase and Supply Chain:                                                 Purchases@e-Traction.com
  • For Administration and Finance:                                                  Finance@e-Traction.com
  • For Service:                                                                                      Service@e-Traction.com
  • For general issues and further assistance and information:   Info@e-Traction.com

Together we will work through this challenging time.