TheMotion 2.0,

the next generation

e-Traction is launching a new generation of our in-wheel motor system, TheMotion 2.0. This system fundamentally simplifies drivetrain technology as the electric motor is housed within the wheel itself.

The Motion is a complete offering featuring 4 key elements:

  • TheWheel™ – Direct drive in-wheel motor with integrated high voltage drive
  • TheControl – A powertrain control ECU with AUTOSAR based powertrain control software
  • TheConnect – High voltage power distribution unit
  • EDiSA – A software application featuring full diagnostic and calibration capabilities

TheMotion 2.0 offers a complete, highly efficient, ‘plug and play’, electric powertrain system which contains all necessary functions and features.

A focus has been placed on efficiency, low maintenance and ease and versatility of integration into different commercial vehicle types. Standard brakes are part of the system however, brake systems from other suppliers can also be integrated into TheMotion 2.0.

TheMotion 2.0 provides:

  • Zero emissions
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • 94% efficiency from battery to wheel, outperforming electric powertrain benchmarks by up to 15%.
  • Reduction in the number of moving parts
  • Up to 20% more mileage
  • Up to 20% reduced battery size
  • Very low maintenance
  • Low noise, high driving comfort
  • Independently controlled wheels enable redundancy
  • Small footprint gives optimum space utilisation
  • Smart Control features
  • Full automotive compliance and a wide scope of applications, including retrofit and fitting for both 12- and 18-metre buses and large goods vehicles

The system, which replaces the rear axle, works perfectly in new vehicles and can be retrofitted into existing fleets. Its smart software connects seamlessly with traditional and modern ABS/EBS systems, allowing for an optimal brake blending strategy that boosts energy efficiency. It also features an electric differential, easy vehicle integration and internal diagnostic systems that are fully compliant with automotive standards and regulations.

Able to be fitted to both 12- and 18-metre buses and large goods vehicles, e-Traction’s technology provides large torque for heavy applications and enables optimal space utilisation. This complete powertrain system includes smart control and is suitable for both full electric and hybrid vehicles. Power sources may include batteries, supercapacitors, fuel cells etc. To complement TheMotion 2.0, a set of designated twin-tyre rims is available, as well as a subframe specially designed for low-floor bus applications.

Efficient, reliable and accessible, the next generation of in-wheel motor technology is here. e-Traction is ready to drive innovation in transport forward once again.

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