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TheWheel™ is TheMotion 2.0’s actual drive unit. It is a high torque, high power PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) with an integrated power drive and associated smart software to control the motor. Together with the subframe it forms a 13 tonne driven axle.

It features:

  • High peak torque of up to 20 kNm per driven axle
  • Twin-tyre solution with front mounted rims
  • Pure direct drive efficiency of up to 94% at the wheel
  • No energy consuming gears and differential
  • Easy installation of the connection system
  • Fit and forget approach as minimal maintenance is needed.
  • Designed according to Functional Safety (ISO26262) principles

The integrated high-power drive features intelligent motor control, self-protection and diagnostic features and communicates through CAN with TheControl unit.

TheWheel™ features a twin-tyre rim configuration. Tyres can be mounted using standard tyre equipment and are easy to mount and demount on TheWheel™ motors.

The subframe is designed to fit the majority of 12- and 18-meter buses, features low floor installations and standard brake systems from main brake suppliers. Connectivity is made easy by means of HV-connectors, enabling safe installation and servicing.

For other applications, such as trucks, subframe solutions can be made available.

Click here to download full product specifications (TheWheel)

Click here
to download the subframe assembly specifications (TheSubframe)