in motion

In our times we face dramatic global challenges. Global warming, diminishing natural resources and paradoxically, our increasing wealth threatens the quality of life in urban areas. As engineers we are eager to – and firmly believe that we can – contribute to finding solutions in our field: mobility. The future is in electric driving. Humanity simply cannot afford to produce another billion cars in the upcoming 10 years, from which we know that they degrade our planet and people’s lives, and use twice the amount of energy necessary.

So it’s our purpose to create the most efficient electric drive train solutions that will minimize the impact on our environment and natural resources, improve quality of life in urban areas and become an economically attractive alternative at the same time. It’s ‘win-win’ that we’re after. For many years, we have been able to deliver proof with our unique direct-drive in-wheel motor solutions. Our next aim is to apply our distinguished technology in e-vehicles worldwide, starting with a focus on commercial vehicles, such as buses and distribution vehicles.