Colleague in the spotlight – Susan Bosman

As a mother of two, Finance Controller Susan Bosman (44) sure likes a challenge. “e-Traction is a small company with huge international ambitions. All the challenges multinationals have to deal with, we encounter them as well on a daily basis. The main difference is, we do it with only 50 people. This challenge and environment […]

e-Traction is one step closer to you

At e-Traction, we are always optimizing our customer efforts to generate long term value for both parties. Given the current uncertain climate, we are trying to maintain open, proactive, supportive to the questions our customers may have and give you immediate answers/service you need. As per October, we enlarge our Sales team and create new […]

e-Traction uses Model Based Design to optimize its in-wheel motor-based powertrains

Electric powertrains for commercial vehicles, such as city buses and trucks, find themselves in great interest, due to environmental issues. As e-Traction, we developed the TheWheel, our own invention based on the in-wheel motor principle. In the past years, this design has evolved into a robust drive axle suitable for different kinds of vehicles and […]