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Looking for an engineering internship or graduation project? At e-Traction, you’ll get a chance to work on highly innovative projects! We are always interested in finding talented students that like to push innovation and sustainability in the automotive industry.

We have the following internship- en graduation assignments available (please click for more information on the assignment):

Internship - Software and System Engineering

Graduation assignment: Diagnostics/Calibration/Test Tooling Development

Graduation Assignment

Diagnostics/Calibration/Test Tooling Development

About e-Traction
Founded in the Netherlands e-Traction offers superior technology in e-mobility and related services that is based on solid expertise and experience. Since 1981 the key focus has been to commercialize and integrate innovative and state of the art e-mobility solutions.

We developed a unique electric in-wheel powertrain technology which offers the essence of pure direct drive power. With our sustainable technology only a bare minimum of components is required to reach the highest efciency level. The simplicity of our drivetrain is the ultimate sophistication.

The core of e-Traction’s product portfolio is a program called TheMotion. TheMotion covers the three fundamental elements of electric drive-train systems: TheWheel, TheDrive and TheControl PCM.

Assignment description

This assignment is about contribution to the development of software tooling (EDiSA) necessary to perform the following activities with a number of ECUs present in our TheMotion system:

  • Symptom and error based diagnostics.
  • Calibration of parameters that influence the behaviour of the individual components.
  • The execution of test sequences during production, commissioning and test activities.
  • The download of ECU software and data.

EDiSA will be designed such that both local (by means of CANbus communication) and remote (by means of 3G/4G internet) connections are possible. Since EDiSA is applied in an automotive environment, many industry standards apply such as:

  • UDS (Unified Diagnostic Services)
  • ODX (Open Diagnostic Data Exchange)
  • OTX (Open Test sequence eXchange)
  • ISO-TP (Transport Layer) - ISO 15765-2
  • SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) J1939
  • CAN 2.0B
  • D-PDU API (ISO 22900-2) - Standardized Vehicle Access
  • D-Server API (ISO 22900)

From the technology side a lower-layer software solution is used from a supplier that provides an API towards our custom designed GUI. The software design is performed using C# .NET and the Windows Presentation Foundation. The candidate will focus on the following topics that are part of the assignment shown underneath in order of priority.

  • EDiSA requirements engineering
  • Authoring of ODX files that specify all ECU data
  • Authoring of OTX files that specify our ECU diagnostic sequences
  • Defining a functional and technical approach for guided diagnostics
  • Defining a technical approach for remote vehicle communication, data storage and analysis.

The research question

  • Specify, develop and validate diagnostic tooling functionality for an in-wheel motor based electric power-train.

The assignment consists of

  • Literature study on the automotive diagnostic domain, procedures and standards
  • Authoring of diagnostic data and procedures
  • Verification of EDiSA procedures
  • Documentation of the findings, design and verification results


  • Automotive background
  • Skilled in the domain of software engineering
  • Microsoft Office (or LaTeX) for reporting and presentation of results

For more information regarding this assignment, contact Geert Kwintenberg, T. +31 (0)55 521 11 11 -


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