e-Traction is one step closer to you

At e-Traction, we are always optimizing our customer efforts to generate long term value for both parties.

Given the current uncertain climate, we are trying to maintain open, proactive, supportive to the questions our customers may have and give you immediate answers/service you need.

As per October, we enlarge our Sales team and create new windows into our business by adding two talents. Mr. Ilker Geron Hubes, as Business Developer Inverters, is ready to collect the voice of the customers from the (niche) market and link it with our products. Ms. Nancy Cao, as Business Developer Metropole, will strive to scale our service across the world by focusing on all Metropole cities in South America, Afrika, Asia, Oceania.

No matter where you are in the world and what difficulties you are facing, trends towards a sustainable future and aspirations for long term growth bring us together. e-Traction is here for you with first class experience and great possibilities of EV solutions.

IIker and Nancy are open for consultation and you’re able to reach them through:

IIker: i.geron@e-traction.com  +31614944706

Nancy: n.cao@e-traction.com +31614944704