e-Traction in North America – Go West, Young Man

Go West, Young Man.

Nobody knows exactly where the famous statement above originates (A book? A film? A dad?), but everybody in the EV world knows where electrification will roll after Asia and Europe: e-Traction goes westward. 

When one thinks of public transport, one doesn’t automatically think of North America. But as everything in the world always, this will change, and that change is already taking place – in Ontario, Canada.

Photo: Raj Mahadeo, President of the Mississauga Bus Group of Companies.

Raj Mahadeo (47) is president of the Mississauga Bus Group of Companies (MBGC) and has been in the bus and transit business for decades. He has just procured two sets of e-Traction’s The Motion2.0, and he is as happy as a kid in a candy store: “e-Traction is the only company that makes a direct drive system, which optimises efficiency and power, so that is great. This is just the beginning of our relationship.”

Mahadeo explains that last prophesy: “When I look at the future through my binoculars, in five to ten years I see a transit market that will exist for a 100 per cent of EVs.”

That is a prediction affirmed by the business development manager in North America for e-Traction, Edwin Shaw (37). “The fact of the matter is that the North American market is a late adopter. But the transition is going to take place now. What made this market unique, was the access to cheap petrol and diesel, public transport that is in its infrastructure far behind that in Europe and Asia; we want to change the outlook so tied to American car culture.”

That doesn’t mean there is no reason for optimism – in fact, there are many reasons to be very positive about the near future for e-Traction. Shaw: “Americans and Canadians are not blind to the success stories from other parts of the world. National and state governments now stand fully behind zero emission, new technology and are sponsoring that in a big way. And of course there is a lot of potential in these North American markets, as they are huge and completely open to be developed.”     

Photo: e-Traction and MBGC attended the Ontario Show in 2018, in the middle is Raj Mahadeo.

In a year’s time, Shaw wants to have e-Traction demos to be rolling over highways and byways. He is busy building a network of technical partners and expects to have two to three demo vehicles powered by e-Traction “on the ground” in every region of North America, so interested parties can come and have a look and experienc the future for themselves, just around the corner (though those corners could be a bit further away as they are in the Netherlands).

MBGC’s Raj Mahadeo emphasises: “We are going all the way for the transition to electricity, we will make our staff knowledgeable about Volts and Watts. We are going to implement it in our company between now and 36 months. We want to and we will be ready for the future when it arrives.”

And so, finally, the future will reach North American shores, thanks, partly, to an innovative Sino-Dutch firm. We will be following e-Traction’s way westward in our sequel ‘How the West Was Won.’