Current times call for electrification of fleets with RetroMotion

Figuring out how to future-proof your transportation business in a cost-effective way is crucial to survive, especially during uncertain times. To ensure sustainability for transit buses, sightseeing double deckers or coaches, these vehicles can be retrofitted with electric drive technology.

As the current trend moves us all towards a more sustainable future, this brings about tightening restrictions on emissions and noise, most notably in urban areas. Low-emission and zero-emission zones are popping up more and more in major cities, as well as certain nature reserves. This already applies to a large number of South European countries, for instance. Additionally, regional and national legislation increasingly requires a certain percentage of fleets to have zero emission – while various authorities offer subsidies to assist in financing more sustainable transportation.

Modern, clean and quiet technology

Rather than having to completely replace a conventional fleet with brand-new electric vehicles, current ones can be adapted to electric drive by means of e-Traction’s in-wheel motor drivetrain. Just replacing a conventional diesel-powered drivetrain with modern, clean and quiet technology allows one to retain current vehicles and bring down the total cost of ownership. This can prove to be beneficial in multiple ways for transit companies focused on getting the highest mileage out of the available resources, for instance when running double decker buses for sightseeing.

Using downtime as an opportunity

Though current times may be uncertain, any additional downtime of part of a fleet should only encourage to prepare for the forthcoming resurgence in mobility demands – given the vehicle type-depending conversion time involved in retrofitting. Hence now is the best time to orientate on future-proofing vehicles, if only as a first step to get the wheel rolling, gain valuable learnings on applying electric drive technology and keep an edge in the industry.

One-stop shop

e-Traction’s engineers are specialised in the electrification of buses in all segments, delivering a complete solution incorporating every step of the process as our in-wheel motor drivetrain ‘TheMotion 2.0’ is designed and produced in-house. When retrofitting this highly efficient technology, RetroMotion by e-Traction takes all relevant systems into account, such as batteries, vehicle energy management, power steering and air conditioning. The company ensures mechanical, electrical and software integration with the electric drivetrain for best-in-class performance, noise and regeneration, in synergy with the existing brake system. Additionally, e-Traction can provide tailor-made drive and charge cycles, online monitoring and training of maintenance staff.

Lifespan up, total costs down

RetroMotion by e-Traction is the one-stop shop for retrofitting diesel-powered buses with electric in-wheel motor drivetrains. This will extend the lifespan of your vehicles and bring down the total cost of ownership, while meeting all demands related to operating in a more sustainable environment.