Colleague in the spotlight – Susan Bosman

As a mother of two, Finance Controller Susan Bosman (44) sure likes a challenge. “e-Traction is a small company with huge international ambitions. All the challenges multinationals have to deal with, we encounter them as well on a daily basis. The main difference is, we do it with only 50 people. This challenge and environment suit me. So I think I’ll stick around for a long, long time.”

“Every step we take at e-Traction is a new one. You could say we’re reinventing the wheel every single day. That’s how it works when you strive for innovation – creating something no one did before.” In her position of Finance Controller and a past in the accountancy, preparing annual accounts for clients, Susan knows everything about staying in control when it comes to numbers. However, it’s the colleagues that let her passion for technique grow. “The enthusiasm of the people I work with is really contagious. In fact, with a husband who has a technical background, we have even more to share at the kitchen table after a working day.”

The table Susan is talking about, stands in Deventer. “I was born and raised in Twello, but left my roots for my husband 20 years ago, who was already living in Deventer when I met him. I do like this place. Besides, it’s not far away from where I used to live, so it isn’t quite a culture shock.” In her spare time, Susan likes to go out with her family, friends and her mother as well. “Unfortunately, many things I like to do are difficult at the moment because of the whole Covid-19 situation: going to a musical, the movies or the ‘Snollebollekes’ live in concert. We just have to stay cautious, then we’ll be okay in the long-term.”

Talking about the future: “I’ve been into numbers since high school. Even in the canteen and at home I’ll stick with the facts; ask my colleagues and two kids. The way I’m using my knowledge professionally nowadays, is really working for me. Not even one day is the same. Staying ‘in control’ in such a rapidly changing business, is the best challenge for someone like me. No matter what, at the end of the day debit and credit must be equal. That’s what I’m here for. And after 5 years working for e-Traction, I’m happy to stay, hopefully for a long, long time. I might not be experiencing the company making electric drivetrains for my Ford Focus, but I sure like to grow with our team and move forward. Meantime, it’s better to stay focused on our main strength anyway. After all, that’s what makes us so special.”

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