Colleague in the spotlight – Onno Reinders

Each month one of our colleagues gets a place in the spotlight, to show the people behind e-Traction. This time we spoke with Onno Reinders (Customer Service Specialist) to learn more about his work and personal life.

Onno started working at e-Traction in May 2019 as Customer Service Specialist within the Sales department. When asked why he applied to a job at e-Traction Onno says: ‘I think the product is very interesting. Also, e-Traction is an international company in an international scene. This combination was new for me, which made it fun, new and challenging.’

As Customer Service Specialist, Onno is responsible for the back office of the sales department, providing support by making invoices, calculations, sending out NDAs and building an effective, structured administration. ‘The most fun in working here is that if you see room for improvement and you have ideas how to improve, you get the opportunity to put your ideas into practice.’ Since a couple of months, a CRM system was implemented in the Sales department. This implementation was initiated by Onno. ‘To store information in an effective way, I suggested to implement a CRM system. I was asked to make the necessary arrangements to make it happen. That’s really cool and gives me the feeling of trust.’

Working at e-Traction was quite a change for him, as he used to work in the mobility sector. ‘I had to get used to all the technical terminology that was used. If you don’t have a technical background you really have to get familiar with it,’ he says. ‘But I can rely on my colleagues to help me when asked, it is important to provide the correct information to our customers.’

In December 2018 Onno bought a house: A monumental building on the outskirts of the Veluwe. The renovations were planned to be completed in the summer of last year, but there are still some unfinished projects before the renovation is completely finished. ‘Looking back, taking on such a big project and also starting a new job, was quite stressful. But that doesn’t matter: We survived!’ Onno says. He is hoping to finish the renovations by the end of this year.

“You have one life, live it!” is a quote Onno read once, and never forgot. ‘I don’t have specific hobbies; I just do what makes me happy. Whether it is reading a book, having dinner with friends or going for a walk with my dog in the forest, it is important to create some fun in your life.’

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