Colleague in the spotlight – Mihnea Rusen

Each month one of our colleagues gets a place in the spotlight, to show the people behind e-Traction. This time Mihnea Rusen (Software Engineer) shared with us his stories as a young engineer.

Mihnea Rusen started his graduation assignment at e-Traction in August 2018. After completing his master thesis assignment about the improvement of tire wear influenced by the electric differential of an in-wheel motor-based powertrain, Mihnea was hired as Software Engineer.

‘I knew e-Traction since my bachelor.’ Mihnea says. ‘There was a career event at my school that e-Traction participated in.’ During that career event, prototypes of a G-class and Mitsubishi Colt (cars) with electric in-wheel motors were displayed. ‘It was very new in Automotive at that time (red. 2014). I remembered the innovative technology, which is why I applied for my thesis assignment. Somehow e-Traction popped up in discussions at school while talking about electrical vehicles or powertrains.’

After a well-deserved holiday, Mihnea started his career at e-Traction where he puts his knowledge into practice. ‘Of course, you learn the basics in school. But here you face the real issues that you could encounter. At school everything is planned out.’ As a young engineer, Mihnea is focusing on developing and learning new skills.

The lines of communication within e-Traction are short, which makes it easy to consult colleagues and learn from their experience. ‘There is enough room to grow here. Also, if you switch from different projects further from your main domain you have the opportunity to try something new and develop that way as well.’ In his work, he collaborates within project teams with colleagues from different disciplines working on projects together. ‘My colleagues can explain new things to me from another background that I didn’t know before.’

Working on his computer, designing Simulink models and generating codes, and then actually see it work in application. ‘That’s the most rewarding part of my job.’ Mihnea says.

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