Colleague in the spotlight – Demi Beute

Being the person that glues everybody together, Demi Beute (24) knows exactly how to adapt to the needs of her colleagues. ‘I think the biggest challenge as an HR officer at e-Traction is that you have to constantly change according to who you are speaking with, because I believe that if you want to be successful in HR you really have to be within the company and understand what motivates and drives people’.

‘As I don’t have a technical background, I try to understand as much as I can and ask a lot of questions to understand where my colleagues are coming from. You have to gather all points of views to combine them into one advice, policy or way of working. You have to talk to a lot of people and that can be challenging.’ As an HR officer, Demi is in charge of the recruitment of new colleagues, implementing HR policies and all administrative and first line support for the staff. She also represents e-Traction in career days at different universities, where she introduces the company’s culture, their benefits and what makes e-Traction special. What she showcasts the most is, of course, that they offer very innovative products. ‘I also see that young professionals really like what we offer as it is environmentally friendly and future proof!’

Being the ‘people’s person’ in a technical company has its challenges. ‘To keep highly educated engineers motivated is to keep them challenged.’ As a company, e-Traction has to keep improving and keep adapting to new techniques. Demi tries to involve colleagues in certain decisions or discussions, and talk to them because as HR you can talk to people from another perspective. Of course, interacting with those who have a more technical knowledge is a way of learning. ‘What I like the most is that we are a very international company, thus I can learn many new things from my colleagues, cultural and technical wise.’ Demi’s colleagues can transfer their technical knowledge to her and that’s something she really appreciates because she doesn’t have that knowledge and people here are really understanding and helpful. ‘I really appreciate my colleagues at e-Traction. I learn from them, there is mutual respect and I really like to  be part of this team.’

Somebody that works in Human Resources is by definition social, and Demi is not the exception. In her spare time she keeps socializing and likes to spend time with her friends and family. However, everybody likes some ‘me time’ once in a while, so you can find her biking around during the weekend and relax watching series and films. As for her future, she adds ‘I think I can still really learn a lot in the upcoming years. I see a lot of opportunities to expand my knowledge and my experience and that’s what I see in my future at e-Traction: to be challenged all the time, do new things and gain more experience.’