Solid and

future proof

A long history of proven technology Founded in the Netherlands in an inventor’s workshop, e-Traction offers bespoke solutions and superior technology in e-mobility that are based on solid expertise and hard-won experience. Since 1981, we have developed electric traction technology, evolving to unique, award-winning, electric in-wheel powertrain technology. With our sustainable, integrated technology, only a bare minimum of components is required to reach the highest efficiency level. The simplicity of our drivetrain is the ultimate sophistication for full electric and hybrid vehicles. By creating the most energy efficient electric powertrain solutions, environmental impacts, energy consumption and costs of ownership of mobility are lowered substantially. e-Traction develops, realises and implements superior, distinguished and patented powertrain technology in e-mobility. e-Traction is convinced that teaming up with the customer is the most efficient way to achieve the perfect solution. We offer development, implementation and services in a dedicated working method and also participate in prototype and demonstration projects.

A global network

e-Traction aims to apply its distinguished technology in e-vehicles worldwide, with the main focus on manufacturers of heavy-duty vehicles and their suppliers. In 2016 we joined TANHAS Group, a large private Chinese corporation and supplier to the automotive industry. A new company, TET Drive Technology Co Ltd, was founded, enabling a scale up of production with a green field plant located in the Hubei province. Manufactured in Europe and China, products are marketed as TET in China and as e-Traction throughout the rest of the world.

About TANHAS Group

Founded in 1992 and based in Tianjin, China, the TANHAS Group is a major supplier to (bus) OEM’s, specialising in transmissions, components, automotive technology and supply chain services. The group includes new energy companies and suppliers of PDUs, advanced technology internet platforms and automotive supply chain management. TANHAS Group’s customers include Ford, King Long, Yutong, GM and other automotive OEMs.