sustainable mobility

Today we are lucky to be more mobile than ever before. But we also need to face the downside of our mobility. Air pollution from vehicles impairs the quality of urban life and people’s health. Heavy use of fossil fuels depletes our natural resources. And emissions from conventional combustion engines contribute to climate change. As engineers, we are challenged and dedicated to find both environmentally and economically competitive alternatives. The future is now, as e-Traction has created superior, distinguished and patented powertrain technology for e-mobility. Our evolving technology enables manufacturers to produce extremely energy efficient vehicles with zero emissions, that offer reduced maintenance efforts to its owners and optimal total cost of ownership. The revolution in motion has begun!


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The Netherlands is one of the leading e-mobility countries


In several cities in the Netherlands, like Eindhoven, Maastricht and Utrecht, operators are gaining experience using electric buses. Together with many companies being active in the field of e-mobility this makes the Netherlands a perfect breeding ground and testbed for this... Read more

Fuel cell bus with e-Traction technology in operation in Apeldoorn!


When visiting our home town Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, you might run into the new Fuel cell bus which is in daily operation. e-Traction is proud to have contributed to the successful realization of this innovative vehicle as an integration partner and... Read more

2017 Business Innovator Awards: e-Traction wins Best Electric Powertrain Solutions Company - Western Europe award


Recently e-Traction has been awarded with the Best Electric Powertrain Solutions Company - Western Europe award of Corporate Vision. This award is a clear recognition of our innovative direct drive in-wheel technology and also an appreciation of all the effort that... Read more